Embracing Artificial Intelligence and the inevitable rise of AI and cognitive systems across businesses

In line with Dubai’s vision and mission of transforming itself to a Smart City and its aim of being 10X, the Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Conference brings together leading international and regional experts to discuss the advancements, opportunities and the barriers in one of the most debatable area of discussion worldwide, AI. Focused on a cross-industry discussion, the conference will provide a platform to learn proven case studies and success stories across industries and the risks and potential, AI, Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing brings to the business.

With significant developments and success of AI in the fields of banking, customer service, defence, oil and gas and healthcare, and the controversial debate over AI from world renowned leaders, AI has taken the world by a storm and has potential of increasing efficiency by 40% over the coming years. Already a billion dollar industry and growing at a phenomenal phase; join us at this exciting conference and discover the world of AI across industries and how it can contribute to making your business more efficient!

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Why Should You Attend

Here is what you can expect at the Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems Conference 2017:

Learn what AI and Cognitive systems can bring to a business across multiple industries and operations including healthcare, defence, civil, transportation, aviation, banking and more!

Hear first-hand case studies and experiences from experts that have already implemented AI and Cognitive computing in their operations

Understand the commercial applications of AI as a part of your business and the investment perspective in terms of returns and feasibility to implement such solutions and platforms

Connect and network with software, hardware and service providers to evaluate how AI and Cognitive can add value to your business model

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Who should attend?

Research and development professional, engineers, designers, marketers, programmers, directors, manufacturers and others willing to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive computing and systems

Forward thinking professionals and leaders looking to evaluate and assess AI technology and implementing it

IT, Innovation, R&D and Marketing professionals looking to assess the practical applications of the technology


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